Threshold of War?

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Understanding The Critical Times

Ephesians 6:12 it was written that:

“For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”

The apostle Peter also warned believers to remain vigilant against the devil: “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith”

Our enemies are not human but demonic.

We come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty.

Totality of Evidence

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Here it is a Time Line of events which has lead us to where we are today.

Don’t be frighten of the Truth, it will set you free. But being Free today means you must be prepared to change. Once you know you can not turn back, you cannot unknow. As UNBELIEVABLE as the Truth is, it is so hard to believe. But we must arm ourselves with this Truth and stand up and together we can gain our Freedom Back.

Lets Be History

Rally for Freedom

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Sustainable Food

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The Kiss

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The Kiss

Jump in my time machine and go back 40+ years

It was a Friday night, I worked in a hotel bar

Single mother of 2, office work in the day

My life was busy, but fun. I met a special man;

We were not in love, but loved each other

I wasn’t looking for love, he was going away

So what we had suited us both; and then he went away

Being the kind, lovely person he was, he left me his vehicle

I will never forget this generous gesture, it was like I won the lottery.

So back to the Friday night I had finished work, sitting with friends talking

All of a sudden he came up to me and said I have a message for you,

(not the one one that went away but a mutual friend) Message? I said

He took me in his arms and kissed me with passion….. I was speechless

So that was “The Kiss” I wonder if that was really a message or not

I did not ask……….. Back in the Time Machine to 2022

and now 40 years later, I wonder…..because; standing in a crowded room

at a function to celebrate the “Kicked the Bucket Friends”

There was about 40 people at the function, lots of back slapping, hugging and

reminiscing; C o v I d shall not weary them, nor did the years condemn us

We are the Spirit of Australia, we were young and free then as now…

Finally a lull in conversation, I look up and there was “The Kisser”

I saw him, is it him I thought, it’s been a long time, our eyes met, yes it’s him

He nodded, I smiled and inclined my head as did he, I kept looking as he did

It took a while to work our way across the room, we shook hands in greeting

we talked and talked about people in common, time stood still; it felt like hours

I wonder, no I know he felt the underlying. What ever the emotion, we both felt it

Plenty of words spoken but nothing about “The Kiss” but it was there in both our eyes

After an eon and other people joining us, we drifted apart across the room again

The memorial speech was spoken, we remembered our passed friends with Love

Time for me to leave, I rounded up my 2 friends I came with, saying farewells

I looked around and saw him, he was looking at me, his eyes saying what?

He inclined his head, to which I responded with a nod of my head and our eyes;


Except we both have white hair – Ha

A Day in the Life of Tomorrow’s Child

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OMG this article is outrageous but the words are a very feasable scenario of the future. But my warped mind would rather think of it a comical (I Hope) 💓🕊🙏

A Day in the Life of Tomorrow’s Child By Stephen McMurray
August 7, 2022
Mandatory Daily Status Report by Eco Sky – July 12 2035
WOKE up this morning to another beautiful grey sky. The Weather Protection Force had obviously done another great job. That’s what I want to be when I leave school – a pilot for the WPF. It would be brilliant to fly around the sky, dispersing the chemicals of the ecoshield to protect the planet from the sun’s deadly rays.
More Here:

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I Don’t Care

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I don’t care what they say, I am over being sad, I am female, once a girl

and Cindy Lauper said girls just want to have fun, I believe her, so no more sad.

Life is only in the moment, the now, not yesterday or tomorrow

meaning we cannot change what has already occurred, it is history, past, gone

tomorrow has not begun, it will happen naturally and we cannot foresee anything

Now is the place to reside, to be happy, content, caring, compassionate and loving

Be the positive, shine in your own light and share with others the joy of just being you

Walk forward in Peace

Nothing is real anymore, ah so what is real now August 2022, who knows, I don’t – but Do!

And it is not of this world but guess what it is, our perception is old world,

and also guess what;

This is a New World, a world broken and lost. A world that over the last 3 years has accelerated

to a speed that vibrates faster than Superman …………………………. TBC

The Future of Humanity

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Love is doing for others, the more love you give out; odd but the more you will receive back.

Words from a lapsed catholic about life as we live it now, running with Jesus, looking for Peace and Passion to help others, to be comfortable and confident, to be Free.

No religion, which has fallen to evil, the same as governments which are now corporations.

A Spiritual War is happening and we need to use Love as our weapon against evil.

The majority of Humanity at this time are living in an external computer program, no end in sight, like a merry-go-round and endless cycle of despair, an utter loss of hope.

Life on the Earth Plane is an amazing concept, apart from Mother Earth, the flora and fauna and our bodies.

The most complex piece of hardware, wired into Mother Earth we are connected, like a server

Our brain, heart and gut is the software of our Freewill, God’s most excellent creation of Love.

Finding Faith and Courage is difficult, its a quest, a battle we need to win inside ourselves

Courage can be found in Hope and Compassion towards yourself and then you can share

Courage means knowing what to fear, listen to your software. You can control Fear with Love.

Graham Hood says Good & evil can not reside together and evil is the first to leave, be brave

The bazaar way we live has been planned for many generations by elite and powerful people

towards the end of the 19th century and all through the 20th we have been manipulated

Mind control through television, movies, education and religion has turned people into clay, that can be moulded and coerced into complying to any agenda, Freewill has been taken from us.

Whatever amount of free thinking people who are left at this stage need to stand up tall,

because we are the ones to hold the torch, to lead just as Jesus fed the multitude we can also.

We are the ones they have been waiting for walking with Jesus, hearts full of Love.

The fight for freedom that we are in right now is so much more than our own personal rights and sovereignty.

This is about the future of humanity.

The Black Hole

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Standing on the edge of the black hole

I look down and wondered would I, could I and then I slipped in

This space is where I think people on the verge of escape linger

Find that strength a voice inside yells HANG ON

Well for me it’s lost. The voice of reason has left the room, exit stage right.

And then:

Darkness calls, let go, come rest, forget your free-will, relish in pain

I am in a dungeon, no light, no sound except my breath and visualisation

Prāṇa, Life Source is the energy source that connects, we inhale, we exhale

Inhale the universal energy and light, exhale the pain residing in the darkness

Here comes the Sun, here comes the light, stand up. Inhale, Exhale Ahhhh

Light from our Higher Self or a Celestial Power will ascend and lift us up

We lose, we win, we fight, we want to be free – Not winning, Not Losing but Learning

Keep learning, keep crawling up the black hole, strength will come from Prāṇa,

The Universal Energy, our Life Force our link to God or whoever you choose

Remove mental disturbances, focus, quieten self, silence the mind, surrender to yourself

This is where the universe resides. We are quantum beings living a redundant lifestyle

Now is the time to make the decision, to draw the line in the sand and stand your ground.



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Evolve is to undergo change, that has been the case for society in a very precarious manner. Our world is dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments handed out by our governments on the directions of the puppet masters.

How in the name of sanity do we open the majority of the public’s minds and eyes to the truth. Sometimes it feels like I am the only voice, the only like minded folk I know and converse with I have never met in person. And now I have stopped talking to family/friends about the truth because they will not listen, their god is tv and what a mind warp that is…. I attend Rallys and Protests and work online to try and spread the truth. I read lots of blogs, forums, Free Press articles and make comments when my intuition signals that I may make an inroad with sharing some factual information.

Some of my friends, have told me that they don’t want to think about it as it’s too negative when I start to talk about what’s going on. There’s that brick wall. Stop my higher self says and after all this time I finally listen.

I have realised, that we live in a dystopian future that has so carefully and for so long been implementing.

We must fight it, but there are so many who do not realise how far down the road of communism – nwo (?) we have gone. I fear that it is going to take more than a mega shock to activate the asleep people.

This is not just about to jab or not to jab with the vaccines. This is about our way of life, living as free and as independent sovereign humans. Not dominated by the brain dead governments at the beak and call of the WEF.

Every conceivable avenue of our way of life has been manipulated.

Health, Finance, Food, Education, etc

I don’t have, but wholeheartedly wish I had the answer. But I do know that we must unite, we must fight the best way we can, all nations, colours and creeds together. We have to evolve, embrace the change that there is no way out of now. Under no circumstances embrace the Fear and Tyranny instead embrace and evolve the change with Love and Truth. Keep standing your ground. Namaste. 💓🕊🙏